Andrea Bockenhauer


Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Without question, children are the most amazing people to interact with on a daily basis. They often see the world from a perspective that most adults forget about.

I hold a licensure in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education. In December 2012, I completed my masters of education in this area from the University of Minnesota. Though the majority of my experience has been with children ages 2-6, I have gained great knowledge and understanding of the primary age during my student teaching sessions and and while tutoring kindergartners. ¬†I’ve also gained experience with infants while teaching summer ECFE classes.

I am a strong believer in creating the most engaging lessons that relate personally to children. Through student teaching and work experiences, I have found that these lessons tend to be the ones that develop the most excitement and learning in a classroom. I have used this theory when developing lessons for infants in special education programs, with preschoolers in a variety of settings and in a second grade classroom. Each lesson is developmentally different, but the basic concept remains the same.