Pre-K Focus Group Curriculum

In the summer of 2009 I redesigned the Pre-k focus group curriculum for an early childhood classroom. Every year the children bound for kindergarten the following fall are given specialized instruction twice a week. They meet for approximately 1 hour each session to review and discuss developmentally appropriate topics that will help prepare them for kindergarten.

Prior to the redesign of the curriculum, the activities and lessons were not focused on what the groups needed as a whole. Instead it was a generic list of topics that were not meaningful to the children. The new curriculum is catered toward each group’s individual needs, and the lesson plans are focused on what each child needs at the specific time.

The first year this curriculum was implemented, the group was small and academically ahead of typical peers. The lesson plans were designed to challenge and interest the children while introducing topics that would appear in kindergarten. The following year, when the curriculum was used, the group was much larger and required two teachers to facilitate the learning. The group also was academically lower than typical peers and needed to practice many social skills necessary for success in kindergarten. Although the same basic curriculum was used, the lessons were integrated at a slower pace, additional review was added and there was a larger focus on the social interactions taking place. Each year, the lesson plans are set up to foster the precise needs of the children in the group. Once progress is shown, the lessons are adjusted to meet their needs.

The link on the right is the welcome packet that is presented to the families prior to the start of this group. Every year this packet is updated to specify what areas of need we will work on, along informing parents on the details of the program. We have had great success implementing this program. Families report that their children are easily able to pass kindergarten readiness tests and upon starting elementary school are able to ease into the new classroom academics.