Daily Jobs in ECSE Preschool Classroom

Using knowledge from my experiences with typically developing children, I implemented daily jobs into a self contained special education classroom. The children in this classroom were able to function at a fairly high level and I noticed that they enjoyed and took pride in being the “helper”. The daily jobs that were incorporated into the curriculum were closely related to specific IEP goals of the group. For example, one child in the classroom with autism had a goal to increase his participation during active group times such as music. The teachers made sure he was the music helper at least twice a week and encouraged his participation by pre-teaching the movements of the song prior to group time. This helped increase his ability to interact with the other students during the music time. The schedule helper job was put into place for a child who was having difficulties with transitions. His job most days was to be the schedule helper and move the schedule marker to the next position as the activities went on. This helped to focus his attention and give him a designated activity during the challenging transition times.

BucketTable Washer

BoomboxMusic Helper

SnacksSnack Helper

ScheduleSchedule Helper

GroupGroup Helper