Staff Development

Over the years have used my strong passion for learning to share my knowledge of new teaching strategies and different ways of teaching with co-workers and other staff.  Most of my staff development training opportunities have come after attending specific seminars myself or through my personal experiences in the classroom.  I’ve also been a part of many summer curriculum projects in relation to the topics below.


2015: Schoology

After using Schoology for two years in my own classroom I shared on several occasions how to set up a classroom website, how to upload and organize information, benefits of creating a website, strategies for using uploaded pictures for assessment purposes, and connecting with parents through the site.  I also provided a basic level of support to colleagues on an ongoing basis as they integrated Schoology into their own class.


2014: Creative Curriculum

Using my knowledge and experience of creative curriculum I shared how to create a child-lead study from beginning to end.  Information included generating ideas from the children, creating questions to base a study on, transforming the classroom to fit the study theme and how to integrate learning objectives and IEP goal into the study.  Staff were shown how a detailed study was created with a group of 3 year-old children and also had the opportunity to observe in the team-taught classroom I was co-teaching.


2013: Singapore Math

After attending training with other kindergarten and preschool teachers, I provided information, activity ideas and organized materials to ECFE and ECSE staff during staff meetings, staff development sessions and in a small professional learning group.  The information provided detailed Singapore math strategies including math talks, five frames and playful ways to integrate the strategies into a preschool setting.  It also included expectations for preschool aged children and kindergarteners.


2010: Teaching Strategies GOLD

After attending Teaching Strategies GOLD training sessions I helped to create accounts for all classrooms and teachers in the program using the online website.  I was one of two main ‘administrators’ for the online program and provided individual and group support to staff when needed.